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Virus Update 062320
June 23, 2020
June 23, 2020 Covid-19 Senior Living Update

Three months! Hard to believe we have been dealing with virus lockdown and new procedures for a quarter of a year. Our last update covered mid-lockdown procedures being followed in Assisted Living large communities and residential (board and care) homes.


While strict no move-ins, no visitors and no tours were the standard a couple of months ago, things are starting to loosen up. In fact, we (Senior Care Options) have been able to assist a number of families with move-ins to Assisted Living in the last 30 days! Yeah. What a relief for some of these families who were forced to be in a holding pattern with much needed care needs.

Of course, all senior living properties must follow state guidelines and do their very best to make sure a safe property is maintained. A typical scenario is for a virtual tour via cameras and phone at the beginning. Meetings and paperwork may be done on an outdoor patio. Potential new residents will be required to have a Covid test along with the normal doctor’s report. Of course, family and seniors will be asked a series of questions to make sure that the moving senior has not been recently exposed to the virus.


A 14 day quarantine for move-ins was the standard a few weeks ago. Now, some facilities are testing upon arrival and only placing on quarantine while waiting for results. If placed on quarantine for a short period, mom or dad will need to stay in their new apartment or room. While there, they will get plenty of staff visits, care, housekeeping, good meals and comfort. Actually, there are any number of different standard operating procedures being followed at the various Assisted Living properties. However, they all must follow California Department of Social Services guidance.

Once cleared, seniors will begin to follow the day-to-day standard for the property. Masks and social distancing are required. Beyond these normal safety expectations, specific property standards will vary. It's not uncommon for seniors to be able to wander around the property and they may even have an arrangement to see family outside. Visitors are still not allowed in the building.

Dining rooms are beginning to serve folks with a good measure of social distancing. Normally, one per table. They may be open for only one meal with staggered seating, while other meals would be brought to the rooms. Again, each property has its own procedures.

Small activities are beginning with smaller groups of up to 10 seniors at one property. Of course, social distancing and masks are the norm.

It’s probably a good time to start moving forward with research and making plans with the various properties. Things are improving each day. You should expect facilities to offer a higher level of precaution than most seniors experience outside of the property.

Please call Senior Care Options if you are ready to start exploring the move or just want to start the conversation.

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